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Thank you to everyone that came out for the 2014 Year End Show!

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Providing students of all ages with the education and skills they need to pursue and enjoy dance for a lifetime. Our primary goal is for the development of our students and their dance education in a family-oriented, positive atmosphere.
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About Us

The point of studying the Arts is to perform! Performing gives students the confidence they need to succeed in a professional career of any kind. Stage experience is available to all performers throughout their training at Dance Expressions, enabling them to develop confidence, poise and stage manners. Our dancers perform at in-studio viewing weeks; bring a friend classes and creative showings during the year. All students taking regular yearly (Sept – June) classes at our studio also participate in our Year End Shows.

Technique, Technique, Technique!

Technique can hold back the most artistic dancer or give him/her greater expression. With the proper instruction, any child can learn proper technique and perform beautifully. Building discipline, developing strength and stamina, and achieving grace in movement is the work of years of study; a process that really never ends. At Dance Xpressions, we believe building this foundation will give our students the tools to pursue any avenue of dance they so choose.


Every child benefits from quality dance training, even though he or she ultimately may choose another career path. In Dance, children learn the cooperative teamwork necessary to produce a high quality work of art. They develop creative thinking skills and the ability to push themselves to higher achievements. These skills will enhance your child's academic performance as well as their physical well-being. Self-confidence and self-esteem continue to develop as each young dancer conquers new movements and grows more certain of his or her ability to apply themselves, work hard, and master any new steps. We believe that in building the students’ self-esteem, and if it is agreed that dancing competitively will help them achieve these goals, the studio will support those endeavours. Competition gives our students the opportunity to take chances and reach different goals, but is not the focal point, or gauge of success in the eyes of the teachers of Dance Xpressions.

Our teachers share ideas for the benefit of our school and all of our students. Many teachers can pass along steps, but a truly experienced, professional teacher can guide a young performer through the gradual process of carefully training their body; helping them achieve an instrument that is technically strong, allowing freedom of movement, and the capability of executing even the most rigorous exercises with grace and style.

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